Sunday, January 9, 2011

Show Me Your Skins

The first generation cast 
The lovely, gorgeous, and talented Nicholas Hoult! 
A screen clip of Cassie

Lately I've been obsessively watching the British television show Skins. First off can I just say, its fucking brilliant! I don't normally swear but honestly, that's the only way to describe the show, with swear words. Skins is such a great show about being a teenager and the crazy things we do. I love how the show was so groundbreaking, I can't think of any other show of this genre which has portrayed teenagers so honestly. I really loved the first generation cast, two names you might recognize are Dev Patel (of Slumdog Millionaire fame) and Nicholas Hoult (from About A Boy and A Single Man). However, at the moment I think my favorite character is Cassie (its always changing though). Their something so real and perplexing about her. Cassie is struggling with an eating disorder throughout the show, and while I've never had such an illness, its her honesty which I like. Also for some reason, Cassie reminds me of what Luna Lovegood would have been like if she was a muggle, they are both a bit airy and are dreamers for sure. Also as a side note, can I just say, Nicholas Hoult is freaking gorgeous! I mean, seriously, WOW!
Obviously if you live in America and ever watch MTV you have seen promos for an American version of Skins. I would recommend just staying away from it, its going to be complete rubbish. I've always thought that the original of a television show or movie is always better, most remakes never live up to the first one. So, go watch Skins if you want to get a good look at British teens, Nicholas Hoult, or just need something to entertain yourself with.

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  1. Cassie is definitely a layered character, her and Effie are my favourites.