Sunday, January 30, 2011

The Social Network

Look at that face... how could you not love it? 
I know I am a bit late on this bandwagon but I must say I loved the film, The Social Network. I had wanted to see it for months but never found the time to until today. Also, what was really awesome about the theater where I saw it only charged a two dollar entry fee. They only play films which have been in the theaters for a few months. Anyways, back to The Social Network. The film is about the founders of Facebook, the relationships which they have with one another and creation of one of the most popular websites ever. I was so interested to see how Mark Zuckerberg would be portrayed by Jesse Eisenburg. I mean this is the man who created Facebook, only one of the most popular social networking sites of all time (take that MySpace!). So obviously, people are going to have a lot of ideas of what sort of man he is. In the film Zuckerberg comes off in a really serious, smart, brilliant, slightly cocky and pompous fellow. Now whether or not the real Zuckerberg is really like this, who knows. All I can be sure of is that Eisenburg did a fantastic job and honestly deserves all the accolades.
Also as a side note, it must be said, Jesse Eisenburg is such a cutie. Gosh, I love cute, nerdy Jewish boys! Eisenburg also has a really great sense of wit which really comes off in his interviews well at the same time maintaing an air of nervousness. Its rather endearing actually. Besides appearing in The Social Network the actor has been in films like Zombieland (which I LOVED), Holy Rollers (I'm in the middle of watching it), and The Squid and The Whale. He was just on SNL tonight- which I haven't been able to see yet (except for the opening monolog) but I bet its hysterical. Check out the monolog to see a special appearance of the real Mark Zuckerberg chatting with the fake Mark Zuckerberg. Hilarity certain ensues.

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  1. I want to see this movie so badly because it stirred up such a controversy! I almost never make it to the theatres though... I await its' appearance on Netflix!