Sunday, June 14, 2009


On Friday night I went to services at my temple since a family friend of ours, "little Matt" as we call him, was being Bar Mitzvahed on Saturday. Normally I find services to be a bit of a drag but that was not so this Friday night. We had some Israeli Scouts visiting our temple, they were so interesting. They were a singing group who are around my age who are touring around the United States for the summer. They sang us a song in Hebrew, and my god, it was so amazing. They had voices of angles, especially this one guy who had a bit of a solo part (he was nice to look at as well). The Israeli's sang so well and beautifully in Hebrew, which I suppose is to be expected since it is their native language, that I have decided that I shall never sing again in Hebrew, since I sound no where nearly as good as them! I am only joking of course, but seriously, they put the rest of us to shame! As well as being nice to hear, some of the guys were rather nice to look at as well! haha. My only disappointment is that I didn't work up the courage to speak to them after services, I am such a chicken sometimes! So from now on I am going to make my motto "replace fear with curiosity" so I don't end up regretting a lot of things in life, like talking to some Israeli Scouts.

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  1. if that's you in the picture, i looove your outfit. Especially the boots and socks combination.
    Good music is always a good thing