Thursday, June 4, 2009

Look At The Stars...

Look at the stars.
They're the same stars as last week,
Last year.
Same as when we were kids.
When we weren't even born.
In a hundred years,
No one will ever know who we are,
But they'll know those same stars.
Isn't the quote beautiful? Have you ever found something so wonderfully beautiful, that when you think about it, it makes you sad to think that you might not ever succeed in making something nearly as beautiful as it? Though it is my hope that I shall always capture a piece of beauty, no matter what I do, if I cannot capture the whole thing. If I have even caught a glimmer of that beauty, then I shall be satisfied. Every one's way of capturing beauty is different; for some it is by painting, for others it is by dancing, but for me it is by taking photographs. As I have said countless times on here, photography truly makes me happy and at ease with the world, for I know that each photo which I take has a story and a message behind it and sometimes if I am lucky, that rare piece of beauty which is so hard to capture.

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