Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Whimsicality and Princesses

Erin Fetherson dresses, from I believe spring 2009 RTW, correct me if I am wrong. These two dresses appeal to me on so many different levels; perhaps it is the whimsicality's of them? Or is it the light sky blue and lilac purple colours? Or is it how perfect they would be to dance around in? No? I think that it is all three answers! Do you want to know what irritates me? The fact that I cannot find copies of Lula magazine in my local bookstores or even good scans of the issues online. I love the look which Lula has, all the pictures which I have seen remind me of my childhood fantasies of wanting to be a princess (what girl didn't want to be a princess? Heck, sometimes I still want to be a princess!).

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