Monday, April 12, 2010

The Fashion Rag

Why is it that once I ban myself from stepping anywhere near a book store (or quite frankly, any shop which sells magazines) I long to be browsing in one? To make matters worse I was reading the forums on The Fashion Spot, and what to I happen upon? A forum about fashion magazines! Reading all of the comments makes me long for either a "not mainstream" or an international magazine to read! Oh the agony! When I try to explain to my friends and family why I love reading such obsecure magazines, they never seem to understand my reasonings. They tend to sigh and say, "oh.. Jem... you and your magazines!" So, since no one else will listen to me, I am going to vent on here (this is why blogs were invented, right?). My love for periodicals all started when I was looking through my grandma's old issues of National Geographic. Ever since then my love for anything magazine wise has grown and grown. I don't just love fashion magazines, although they will always be very close to my heart. As much as I love Vogue (who doesn't love it?) I still like reading more offbeat or international magazines, so I can see what's outside of the mainstream culture bubble. To make matters worse, I just discovered a website/store called . They carry such a vast selection of magazines, so many which I have never been able to find in my little town. Oh man, I really hope I do not cave, and buy a bunch of magazines! I really do need to save my pocket money for Disney. After looking at all of these magazines it has gotten me thinking which mags I have never been able to get my hands on but I would love to read. I would love to subscribe to Vogue Australia, Russh, Flare Canada (I've always wanted to check out Canadian mags to see if they are different then U.S. publications), I-D, Jalouse, Purple, AnOther, and Lula (actually my auntie was able to get me a copy, and she said she would be sending it soon!). Looking back at the last sentance, makes me look super greedy, which I am not. I am just hungry for hard to find publications of fashion magazines. So tell me, do you have a hard time getting a hold of fashion magazines? What magazines do you like to read?

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