Thursday, April 22, 2010

Little Courage

Lately I have been thinking of doing a series of posts on women I admire because of their courage, grace, or style. I haven't desided if this will be a daily occurance or if I will do it once a week, so let me know what you think about it. I want to do these posts because I feel we all need empowering women to look to for guidence once in awhile. To kick off these blog posts I thought I would focus on, probably, the youngest women who I admire for her bravery; Nujood Ali.

Nujood Ali is a third grader from Yemen who was forced to marry when she turned ten. Once she was married, her thirty year old husband raped her. He promised Nuhood's father he wouldn't touch his daughter until a year after she reached puberty. One day after having suffered from severe beatings and rape from her husband she escaped from their house and found a judge to take on her case. What makes Nujood's story so compelling is that she fought to be granted a divorce from her husband, and won! I believe Nujood is an amazing young women, she demanded freedom from her oppressor, and would not give up until she was granted it. Since Nujood's story was published in her book (which I am looking forword to reading) several other similar cases have come to light within the Muslim world. She has begun to pave the way for young girls everywhere who are stuck in degrading situations and for this I find her to be a huge inspiration.


  1. how inspiring!!
    LOVE your blog!
    great posts
    stop by some time xx

  2. Your idea is awesome. These kinds of stories need to come out into light.

  3. I heard of Nujood's story a while ago, and I agree with you it is so inspiring; the fact that she is so young and had the courage to do that in a society where women don't have much chance is amazing.

    When it comes to inspiring others I think anything is a good idea, so please do post more of these!