Wednesday, April 21, 2010

I'm On A Boat

I couldn't help but title this blog post, "I'm on a boat,"
because, well, the model is on a boat and it is
 a cool song. Besides this, I think that the jacket which the
model is sporting is quite fetching, I could see myself
sporting it.
My mom is an avid quilter, she makes beautiful quilts which
we have laying all around our house. I have a feeling that if I
showed her this outfit, she might get some ideas. So although I
love this look, I can't bare to see my mother try and recreate this
for me. Soon everything in my wardrobe would be quilted!
Beautiful Images from Suno's fall 2009 collection. I love
how the designer managed to combine a bunch of different
patterns without making it look a bit gaudy.
This is such a beautiful cover of my favorite model,
Lakshmi Menon, on ELLE India. She
looks beautiful, as always. Plus, I love this shot because it
looks so different that what is currently featured on so many
magazine covers. Its a breath of fresh air actually. I would love
to get my hands on a copy of ELLE and Vogue India. From
what I understand, both magazines publish all their articles in English,
which means I wouldn't just have to look at the pretty pictures!

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