Friday, April 9, 2010

Mix and Match

I thought I would do a mash up of different photographs, seeing as most of them are just sitting on my desktop folder and have been yet to be used. All these photographs have intregued and inspired me in some way and I hope you find some inspiration on this friday afternoon.
Givenchy Haute Couture.
 I love how Givenchy was influenced by India, and especially,
Middle Eastern cultures. I think that it is so different then
from where many design houses are finding their inspiration from.
Plus Givenchy helped to resurge a new intrest in
"tribal" or "global" fashion.
Yum!!! Mickey and Mini chocolate lolly pops. I am
showing you this because I love Disney and food porn (I mean
who doesn't?). When you combine the two of them, its totally amazing!
From the perfectly tousled hair, to the white dress,
everything about this photograph is perfect.

This is from a new retelling of West Side Story, except for this
time most of it is told through dance. I believe, if I am not
mistaken, PBS did a documentary on the dance company
and their production of this classic story. I am dying to see
 it, I've herd it was fantastic.  

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