Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Off The Rack

I love the idea of using rope and pullies as a clothes hanger,
what a brilliant way to use a totally unexpected object!
Alexander Wang clothes hanging on a rack
Spring is in the air, and along with this comes the feeling of changing the way my bedroom looks. Unfortunately, I don't think it will happen because I lack the funds to pay for paint or buy anything new to spruce up my room. If I could though, I think I would buy a clothing rack, like the one's commonly featured in stores or in the film The Devil Wears Prada. I just love the whole "high fashion" feeling which I associate with clothing racks; just a few select clothing items layed out for all the world to see. Plus, I could always use the extra space to store my clothes, I have such a small closet! I did find a great, cheep, clothing rack from everyone's faveorite home furniture store, IKEA. I think I am going to eventually buy the IKEA clothing rack, unless I find one I like better. So, tell me, do you have any other ideas for revamping my bedroom? It would be much appreciated!

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