Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Fictional Inspiration

I received some very good feedback about my first post on inspiring women who I look up to, so I thought I would continue the series. To shake it up a bit, I thought it might be fun to focus on one of my favourite literary heroine's, Hermione Granger. I remember when I read the first book, Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone, I immediately felt a connection to Hermione. She was incredibly smart, witty, brave, and knew the value of friendship. All qualities which I admire in a person, real or fictional. Hermione always knew the answers, was always getting Harry out of troublesome situations, all the while maintaining a kick-ass personality. Now that the series have finished (*sob*) it is interesting to look back and see how Hermione is a feminist and a good role model. It wasn't until recently that I realized her amazing "feminist" qualities, I mean who else championed freedom for house elves? No one, but Hermione (well, eventually Harry and Ron did too). Hermione Granger shows that sometimes you have to stand up for what is right, even if you are standing alone (which I have said before. Hermione Granger and Nujood Ali are very similar, don't you think?). Hermione also taught me to be proud of one's intelligence and not to worry about always looking beautiful. It looks like this idea has rubbed off of Emma Watson as well, she was quoted saying in Parade magazine, "There are too many stupid girls in the media, Watson observes, her dark eyes lighting up. Hermione's not scared to be clever. I think sometimes really smart girls dumb themselves down a bit, and that's bad. Watson admits that there is quite a lot of herself in the confident and bookish Hermione.m a bit of a feminist, she proclaims. I'm very competitive and challenging. Though she resented it at first, Watson has come to appreciate the emphasis on Hermione's brains rather than her appearance. When I was 9 or 10, I would get really upset when they tried to make me look geeky, but now I absolutely love it. I find it's so much pressure to be beautiful. Hermione doesn't care what she looks like." So what do you think, is Hermione Granger a feminist? Do you think she is an inspiration?


  1. I've never really thought about Hermione as a feminist. I don't KNOW if I'd go that far. She's a good role model for absolutely sure, but I think feminist is a loaded term to use.

  2. I love Hermione! I don't know if I would consider a feminist because I don't think she really cares so much about gender by which I mean, she has always seemed passionate about universal rights regardless of gender, age, species, etc.