Friday, April 16, 2010

Full Of Grace

Before Princess Grace Kelly was Monaco Royalty, she was Hollywood Royalty. I was looking for vinatage photographs when pictures of the iconic Princess kept cropping up. Almost of the pictures which I found of the Princess were old black and white photographs, which helps to preserve her image as a classic beauty. I love how in the second and the last photographs she is dressed in a button down, slacks, and penny loafers. It just goes to show, somethings will never go out of style.Then again, what did you expect from someone who inspired the name of an iconic bag?


  1. Some women just have it... the grace. She had it. I hope all who wish to leave their print of stylishness manage to do so.

  2. Definitely a fashion icon. She was simply so elegant. Everytime I look at vintage photographs I feel like everything before was so much classier, from clothing to food's strange feeling nostalgia for a time you've never lived through before.

  3. Oh, the woman just exudes chic. It really is no wonder they named a handbag after her.
    And you know, the fact that she is super freking gorgeous helped.
    Love the last photo. :)

  4. Great post. Love your blog. So elegant.

  5. Absolutely. Her style is timeless. Throw her into today's world and she would be just as glamorous!

  6. Hardly anyone can look as classy and pretty as her. Nice blog!