Tuesday, June 1, 2010


Normally I do not have "man candy" posts, if you know what I mean. However, today I am going to make an exception. Nothing like a good looking guy to wake you up on a Tuesday morning! This weekend I spent much of my time on YouTube listening to music. I soon discovered Harel Skaat, an Israeli singer. He was the runner up on the Israeli version of American idol and has become a huge star in his homeland. Much of my childhood was spent in Hebrew School, learning the Jewish prayers and the Hebrew language. I am by no means fluent in the language, however I love listening to music sung in Hebrew. It is so beautiful and often times I understand a good chunk of the lyrics. I especially love Israeli musicians, it seems to me that they have quite a few good singers. Also when I listen to songs in the Hebrew language it makes me feel close to my religion, culture, and the Israeli's. So... anyways, back to Harel Skaat. He recently participated in Eurovision, which I have to say, I was thoroughly disappointed he didn't place higher. A German girl won instead, I personally found her song to be annoying. One of my favorite songs of Skaat's is Milim, which in English means Word. He sung Milim for the Eurovision contest and every time I listen to it, I always choke up. It is such a beautiful song. A few of my other favorite songs which Skaat sings are At Ve' Ani and Kabli Oti. Besides being a fantastic singer he is also quite good looking. I am sure their is an American equivalent of Harel Skaat, however no one really comes to my mind at the moment besides he's totally better then any American singers; he's Israeli and HOT! So yes, I am totally fan girling right now but you know what, I don't care if everyone knows that Harel Skaat is my new musical crush (and a sexy one at that)! Haha...


  1. Endearing, lovely, cute! I love him! :)

  2. Oh My God! It is so weird to see Harel Skaat outside of the boundaries of Israel...
    Cool, love your blog...

  3. I think this innocent natural kind of magic this crush looking guy has about him - not to be disconnected from the pleasure of his singing - is a special gift from above. I loved Israel long before for many reasons, but Harel is a special crown. I feel a nasty woman looking at this incredible smile. Fantastic. Keep spreading the word about him. However, I hope, even with international carrier he still sings the heavenly attractive hebrew. Like - and I did not say this, just read it somewhere - an angel through a fan.