Monday, October 19, 2009


Blah... today's post shall be a short one, I've been super busy this past weekend! First on Friday it was our homecoming football game which we won 39-0. I'm not particularly fond of football, I think its an incredibly dumb sport, yet I went to the game because it was to be my last homecoming ever (and also because my friends wanted me too... cave into peer pressure much? haha). I felt a tad sorry for the other team who we played against, they didn't even score so much as a point. It is this sadness for the other teams loss which my dad claims is why I'm not athletic! Then Saturday was spent lazying around the house watching Almost Famous until it was time to get ready for the school dance. We danced the night away, until the clock hit eleven and then it was as if I was Cinderella and I had to go back to reality. Sunday was spent at the cinema watching Where The Wild Things Are, with Gracie, Leah, and Mad. The movie was very quirky, but I don't think it was made with little children in mind, you have to be older to really understand the whole premise of the film. During the movie I herd a little boy ask his dad "is max having a dream?", boy children are way to smart for their own good these days! Okay, I guess I lied, this post isn't too short... Now I'm off to finnish the pile of homework lying on my desk!


P.S. Today's picture is a Harry Potter reference for you! Gah, I love Harry Potter! :)

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  1. I really want to see Where the Wild Things Are! It was my favorite book when I was a tot!