Sunday, October 25, 2009


"If an opportunity to take part in something culturally diverse arises—whether it's traveling to another country or learning another language—go for it! For the next few weeks, international influences can play a big part in your luck. So, if nothing is on the agenda, now is the time to start taking style inspiration from your favorite foreign flicks and researching upcoming vacations. Whichever the case, think globally."
This is my horoscope for the month! Isn't it fab? I don't always read the horoscopes, I like to believe they are real but I don't base my whole life around them, like I know some people do. This months totally made me happy though, I love taking inspiration from foreign flicks or clothing styles, I love researching travel plans (even if I am not heading anywhere!), and I am interested the cultures of others. So I think its a perfect fit! I love being a Pisces, we always get the coolest horoscopes (I might be biased though...)!
P.S. btw I forgot to say where I found all the pictures in the post below, on, sorry about that!

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