Saturday, October 24, 2009

The Way I See It

I happen to love this quote on the side of a
starbucks cup. Does anyone know if starbucks
is still putting quotes on their cups? I think its
a great idea!
Love, Love, Love this quote. This totally defines
how I feel about travel and culture.

I don't know exactly why but I'm totally
drawn to this mans look, the monochromatic
blue colour scheme. Its a look which I think
would look equally good on a man as on a
women, does that make sense?

This is beauty. I wish I was their, where ever
this is. Anywhere is better then being stuck here
still sick.
It looks like a magical fairytale of a book! Don't
you think?

A beautiful advert for Hermes with the stunning
Indian model Lakashmi Menon.

I've been gone a while because I've been way too sick to maintain this little blog. So to make up for this, how about pictures galore! All for your entertainment!


  1. Great post, Jem!
    Love the elephant picture.

  2. Thanks for the post!

    I love this blog post. So many interesting pictures and your commenting too! :D