Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Hippie, Hippie, Shake, Shake

Ahh... I've always loved hippies. I don't mean the crazy ones always smoking something but the ones who really embody what it means to be a hippie. I've always thought that to be a hippie you have to espouse peace, love, living an organic lifestyle. The most important part of the hippie attitude is adapting the idea of leaving the world a better place then you found it. So anyone can be a hippie; even a CEO of a company, a stay at home mom, a Buddhist Monk, the kid in the last seat of your English class, and the preppy girl at the YMCA. Just as long as you want to create a better world. Which means all the people named above could consider themselves a hippie, even if they don't fit the typical "hippie" stereotype. Which means I consider myself to be a hippie, not in the traditional sense mind you. I definitely think I got my "hippie attitude" from my parents and my aunt, especially from my mother. Both her and my Auntie Sheila both rebelled from their typical posh New Englander family. My mom traveled cross country by herself one summer, loves Native American artwork and culture, and funky clothing. Whereas ironically enough my Auntie married a wealthy businessman; yet she has a friend who is a Buddhist Monk in Butan, and she is a yoga teacher and believes in the Buddhist teachings. So yeah, I would definitely say I have the hippie thing going on in my family, and I'm proud of that!

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