Thursday, October 15, 2009

The Ever Manifesto

Stella McCartney Resort 2010

This website is the new go to site for learning about sustainable, organic fashion. Ever Manifesto was started to educate people, especially those in the fashion industry, the importance of being "ecofriendly." The articles on the site are suburb, especially my favourite one by Derek Blasberg . In the article he describes the now famous scene in the Devil Wear's Prada where Miranda explains that although Andrea may think that she is not impacted by fashion, the colour of the sweater she is wearing, was in fact at one time picked out by the people of Runway magazine. Blasberg uses this scene from the movie to show that, no matter what we think or do we are in someway impacted by the fashion industry. Therefore the industry (and humanity in general) has the duty to make everything better for the environment. I have been interested in the fashion industry and ways to be more ecofriendly for quite sometime. I can't claim to be a person who wears head-to-toe eco clothes, it is very hard to buy these clothes since they are so dang expensive! So I try to do my part by being aware, recycling, turning off the lights when I'm not in the room, ect. I love that more people are becoming more aware about this issue, because after all education is always the first step in solving the problem!

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