Monday, October 5, 2009

A Cuppa Tea

With these winter months coming up fast I thought I would dedicate the post to my favourite hot drink which I like to warm me up after being stuck outside in the cold! I myself am much more of a tea drinker then a coffee drinker, although I wouldn't pass up a good cup of joe if it was offered. I think theirs something wonderful about a nice warm (or cold) cup of tea which just soothes the mind, body, and soul. I don't go a day without a cup of tea, I always have one with my lunch. Sure I get ridiculed for drinking tea in the middle of the day with a ham sandwich and fruit. But that's okay, I like my tea to much to give it up just because some people think its odd. The health benefits of drinking tea is enormous, people having been drinking different forms of it for centuries. It was easy to make, find some berries and herbs and boil some hot water and their you go; a nice drink of something hot. I love how I associate drinking tea with reading a good book curled up under the blankets, watching television before bed with my auntie and uncle cup in hand, drinking over a hot piping cup chatting with friends, and the social aspect of it during the Victorian era (and now days too). I love my tea so much that I had my auntie send me a box of Marks and Spencer's Gold for my birthday, since we had run out a few months prior and I was dissolute with out my M&S tea! Give me a mug of tea and some scones with jam and clotted cream and then I am in heaven! So what are you a coffee or tea girl?


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  1. I LOVE tea to death....+coffee! Can't decide between the two though. Both are so delish!