Tuesday, October 13, 2009

People's Princess

So I have probably said countless times on this little blog that I admire the late, great Princess Diana. Your probably sick of it by now, but that's okay, your just going to have to read just one more post about her (okay, I can't promise that...). Today's post about the princess is on the subject of personal style. Every girl has that one style icon who they want to emulate, for some it is Jackie O, other's it is Grace Kelly. For me it's Princess Di. Although I don't dress exactly the same way as she did I still see a lot of my style in hers. She had a classic style but with a twist. I like to think that I am the same way. So many of the dresses which she wore for important events are totally looks which I would die to wear to a fancy occasion. All the dresses which she wore are iconic to the style she created. I mean who could ever forget about her fairytale princess dress she wore for her wedding? I certainly won't. So Viva La Princess Di's style!


  1. She was amazing. I loved her wedding dress and all her outfits in general!


  2. I absolutely adore her! I used to have this picture of her in my room, with this beautiful poem on it.

    Her wedding dress was Epic!

    Yay, I love this post!

  3. There was just something very natural in her presence to..that I think made it work. And well, she really was kind in a certain aspect to. I like that part as well.

  4. thanks a bunch for the note. hope your week is a warm one.