Sunday, August 15, 2010

The Wrong Meaning

Today I was listening to the radio while driving in my Honda Accord when Rihanna and Eminem's single Love The Way You Lie came on. I had never really, I mean really, listened to the lyrics before instead I was just bopping my head along to the catchy words and beat. When I took the time to listen to the message I was at once intrigued and horrified. With lyrics like "Next time, There will be no next time, I apologize even though it's lies, I'm tired of the games, I just want her back, I know I'm a liar, If she ever tries to fucking leave again, i'mma tie her to the bed, and set the house on fire" the song clearly has seriously violent undertones to it. Love The Way You Lie's message is one of domestic violence, telling the story of a tumultuous relationship between two lovers. While I think spreading the word about domestic violence and how to get out of such a relationship is a nobel thing to sing about I am not crazy about this song. I feel so iffy when I listen to it, it almost seems as if they are glamorizing violent relationships with lines like, "Because I like the way it hurts, Just gonna stand there and hear me cry, but that's alright, because I love the way you lie." It makes it sound as if  violence in a relationship is okay. Rihanna is the one who sings these lyrics and as a victim of domestic violence it strikes me odd that she would comply with singing about such things. Some of Rihanna and Eminem's fans are so young that they cannot properly understand the full meaning of the lyrics. Yet, they can still interpret the significance of them, except they get it all wrong. Thus songs like this continue to perpetuate societies feelings about abusive relationships, often that the women (and sometimes the man) who the violence is being inflicted upon deserved it. Rihanna should use her experiences to help others currently in this situation and sing about how to get out of such relationship rather then proclaiming lyrics along the lines of, "I will endure the pain you inflict on me and stay with you simply because we have fun in bed." Honestly, it makes you question if Rihanna truly understands what the song is about or if she simply doesn't give a damn and wants to make a bucket load of cash. Sometimes I find when you actually take the time to listen to lyrics of a song, as in the case of Love The Way You Lie, what you discover can leave you appalled and wishing the music business wouldn't record such songs.

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  1. i'm so glad to hear someone else thinking this.
    from the minute i heard the song i thought "god, this is awful" and i've spent every listen since trying to work out whether or not it's trying to be ironic. i like to think that it is, but in reality, i think irony goes over the head of most of the fans.
    i also agree that it's slightly haunting that is is Rihanna, of all people, singing these lyrics.
    the song really, really upsets me because it encourages one of the things I truly hate in the world; women staying with men who make them unhappy.
    since breaking up with my ex (who had stopped making me happy long before I had the guts to say "i've had enough") I have always told people to end things with the men who continually make them unhappy. obviously it's not always easy, and it's even harder to take your own advice. but life's too short.
    i'm glad to have found someone else who finds this sound as appalling as i do.

    charlotte xxx