Thursday, August 26, 2010

Lets Start a Voguelutionary!

Why don't fashion magazines get political now days? It seems now more then ever many publications are trying to avoid politics, religion, and human rights issues. Sure they will tackle environmental issues which, don't get me wrong is great, but their are other issues besides the environment which need to be addressed too. Look at the picture above, it features the Dalai Lama and he's not even on the cover of what I first suspected was a Time or Newsweek magazine! Instead this is a Vogue Paris cover from December 1992. The last time US Vogue had someone remotely related to politics, human rights, religion, or the environment was Michelle Obama's March 2009 cover. Michelle was only the second first lady to appear on Vogue, the first being Hilary Clinton in 1998. Magazines, especially fashion rags, don't mind writing about these issues inside their pages but whatever happened to putting them on the front page? Sure you can claim, "well their fashion magazines what did you expect?" but that's no excuse, if they are so willing to push the boundaries inside their pages why shouldn't they be willing to on the cover? First off, I know the answer to my own question, which is that the cover sells a magazine. So rather then having someone like Queen Rania (who in my opinion would be pretty awesome to see on the cover), Gloria Steinem (how neat would that be?) or even Betty White (she's flipping fantastic and so not the average age of a Vogue reader) appear on the cover we are forced to look at Jennifer Aniston's face once again (I actually like Aniston but seriously? She doesn't have anything new to say and her and Brad's relationship is so 2000's).
I did some research with the help of some lovely members over at The Fashion Spot and discovered some interesting facts. Oprah was on the October 1998 issue which was a really, really big deal (not that I remember because I was playing with barbies that year). Anna Wintour told Oprah loose 20 pounds in order to appear on the cover and since no one, I mean NO ONE, says no to Ms. Wintour Oprah quickly shed those pounds.
The last (and first time from what I can tell) time a female athlete was on the cover was in January 2001 (Lebron James was the first male athlete when he posed for the April 2008 cover). Marion Jones was the cover girl, yes I mean THAT Marion Jones who later got her Olympic medals taken away. Vogue had such a great opening this year with the 2010 winter Olympics to put someone different on the cover. I think several female athletes would have made great Vogue cover stars. Women like Lindsey Vonn, Julia Mancusco, or Joannie Rochette. I would have even liked it if they put a male Olympian on the cover perhaps posing with a model though. My suggestions would have included Apolo Anton Ohno (who is perhaps one of the most recognizable Olympians), Shaun White, or Johnny Weir (Now that I would like to see... imagine some of the soundbites that you could get from a conversation between him and Andre Leon Tally?!).
I don't think I am asking for a lot, really I'm not, all I want is for Vogue to shake up its image and put interesting people on the cover instead of the same rotation of cover stars. So tell me, who would you love to see on the cover of Vogue?

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