Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Viva La Queen!!!

I've been thinking a lot lately about Marie Antoinette. Ever since I started reading a book which takes place during revolutionary France its reminded me a lot of the young Queen. Throughout the book they mention the Queen and her family and at one point you even get a glimpse of them trying to escape Paris. All this brought back memories of the first time I ever picked up a Vogue magazine, Kirsten Dunst was on the cover for the release of her film Marie Antoinette. So really I have a lot to thank this Queen, it was a biography of her life which opened me up to the world of fashion (which let's be honest she knew a thing or two about). The film also ranks up at the top of my list of great fashion moments in cinematic history. The clothes were just as much a part of the story as the acting was. They helped to carry the film along and show the viewer what was occurring in Marie Antoinette's life at the moment. So I thought I would re-invent some of the outfits which Kirsten Dunst sports in the film while playing this doomed Queen, except make it a bit more modern.


  1. i LOVE the white heels! so cool!


  2. Marie Antoinette was such a beautiful, visual movie.
    Such a good idea to search for modern versions of the outfits.

  3. i just saw this film recently and loved it - all the macarons and candy colored dresses! not to mention the shoes and hair dos! so great.