Friday, August 27, 2010

A Bunch Of Beauty

This Miss Dior campaign is simply lovely; filled with lots of pinks,
roses, bows, and pretty perfume bottles (and the scent is just
as sweet as the advert).

Long billowy dresses are great for windy days as they just
flutter about you while you gracefully move about. This photograph
is a testament to this truth (plus red dresses are just shockingly
I want these books, all of them, every single last one. The covers
are just so whimsical but also add to the greatness of these 
classic books (not that they need the help). However if I had to own only one of
 these books I would most like to have a copy of this Pride and Prejudice edition.

Earlier this evening my sister and I were planning some of 
our grand European adventure, which shall take place summer
of 2012. One of our planned stops is the city of love (can I say sisterly
love instead?) Paris, France. I've only been to Paris once, my sister
has yet to go, but we both want to visit the Impressionist works of art,
eat macaroons, shop (well... this one's mainly me), and climb 
La Tour Eiffel (second time for me). How can one not be
inspired by this majestic city?

I thought I would cap off the week with a light hearted post of photographs which I am currently inspired by. Enjoy and have a lovely weekend!


  1. I love those book covers:)
    but it has to be alice in wonderland for me:) got my copy from urban outfitters:)

  2. Sometimes, nothing is more beautiful than a row of books. Sigh.