Sunday, August 22, 2010


She & Him - Thieves from Merge Records on Vimeo.
I know I've espoused my love for all things Zooey Deschanel plenty of times on this blog but please let me indulge once more. Now watch this video before I go any further. You watched it? Okay, good. First off let me state; why is this video so fucking adorable? Seriously, this wins major brownie points for cuteness. I also love it for the way the video was shot with a silent film feel to it as well in black and white. Most musical artists tend to go for the glitz and glamour when making a video, oh and don't forget the completely blunt sexist treatment of women in music videos. I think what makes She & Him so great is they are none of that, nor do they attempt to get listeners to buy into that sort of garbage. All they want is to make a good record, no bells and whistles attached. Its a shame that they don't get much time on the radio waves but instead we are forced to listen to a kid named Justin Bieber and a glitter-Native American wannabe- fairy named Ke$ha (please don't even get me started on how much Ke$ha's wearing of Native American headdresses is offensive... or else you would be reading this for another hour). So tell me, this video made you smile right? Also whats your favorite She & Him song? Personally I'm loving Thieves, Brand New Shoes, and You've Really Got A Hold On Me at the moment but my favorite songs are always changing.


  1. thank you!! i love she & him - i think they did such a great job with you've really got a hold on me. zooey's voice is great - so unique sounding! have you ever seen them live?

  2. I would love to see them live but I've never gotten the chance too before. Have you seen them live? I bet they are amazing though! :)