Sunday, August 22, 2010

Brand New Shoes

She & Him

She & Him by the fairytale featuring Beyond Vintage dresses

Once again, you all have to suffer through my love of She & Him (of which I've been listening too non-stop over the last few days) this time in polyvore form though! MWAHAHA (my sad attempt at evil laughter...). So this look was inspired in part by the look which Zooey is sporting in the picture, the cover art for Volume II, and the song Brand New Shoes. First off you will noticed I mimicked the album cover look with a trench coat, and bag. The shoes are red because of a line from Brand New Shoes "I had some brand new shoes they were all red, but they gave me the blues." The blue dress also comes from the dress which Zooey is wearing and the song lyrics. RayBan's are just awesome and something which I know Zooey or M. Ward would sport. The bee ring is quirky, like the band and this lip gloss is just here because it's my favorite brand and always works like a charm. So clearly you can see, I have simply too much time on my hands, so much so that I can come up with these elaborate ideas! Quick, get me back to school before my brain officially melts from lack of stimulating knowledge! I start uni soon for which I am rather excited/nervous/scared for but which I am sure will be a lot of hard work and fun.

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  1. Ah..i've got these glasses! It costs only 4$! x)