Tuesday, August 24, 2010


My sister, her friend and I went to Sephora where I then walked away with quite a loot. I not only bought a new eyelash curler but Korres Thyme Honey moisturizer and a new perfume. I recently ran out my Vera Wang Princess perfume which I had received for a Hanukkah present three years ago and ever since then I had been searching for the perfect new scent. I found it in D&G's collection of perfumes which is five scents which smell heavenly. My favorite is 3 L'Imperatrice which has a sweet mix of fruity and flowery. As soon as I smelt it I said to my sister, "this smells like me" and she agreed, it does smell like something I would wear and its an embodiment of my personality. As Sephora's website describes L'Imperatrice its, "confident, charismatic, and boundary-shattering" all three words which I would like to think myself as! I cannot wait to apply this on every morning, it just makes me happy. I've always believed that makeup is meant to only enhance your natural beauty, not change it, and this D&G perfume does just that! Also did you know L'Imperatrice means empress? So basically that's why I feel like a queen when I wear it!

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  1. I'm not big on wearing perfume, but I'll have to give this a sniff next time I'm wandering Sephora!