Tuesday, August 10, 2010

A Peace Treaty

I am finally back from my short hiatus and ready to blog until my heart is content! So first off, I promised that I would share stories of my cousins wedding but I wont bore you with all the details. The wedding was so beautiful, you could feel how much N and M love each other throughout the whole ceremony. I got choked up a few times while they were saying their vows, but luckily for me, I had tissues in my bag! One thing which I always seem to forget about weddings, well mainly Jewish weddings (or at least all the one's I've attended), is that they are so dang short! For some reason I always think they are super long when in reality the ceremony couldn't have lasted more then a half an hour. I love weddings, seeing the union of two people, celebrating with them, and "eating, dancing, eating, and dancing some more" as the cheerful waiter at the Cheesecake Factory put it when we told him what our plans were for later in the day.
On another note, I just discovered an amazing accessories and jewelry line called A Peace Treaty. A Peace Treaty was established after its two founders met at a party and they discovered they both wanted to create something which would have a lasting impact on peoples lives. They chose to do this though scarves and jewelry. The line gives work to disadvantaged artisans in places like Afghanistan, Turkey, Nepal, and Pakistan but also pays them above-fair-trade rates (meaning they get paid more then many other working people in their country). What is so interesting about A Peace Treaty is that the founders, Dana Arbib and Farah Malik managed to get pass their differences, Arbib is a Libyan Jew and Malik is a Pakistani Muslim, thus dislodging the misconception that Arabs and Jews cannot unit towards a common goal of Tikkun Olam. Tikkun Olam is a Hebrew phrase which means "repairing the world" and is a personal belief of mine. I've always thought we need to make the world a better place and it seems that A Peace Treaty also has the same idea in mind while creating their wares.

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  1. The earrings in that second picture are gorgeous! This seems like a wonderful jewelry line!