Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Beauty Is In The Eye Of The Beholder

Listen to Franz Kafa's suggestion so you don't
grow old! It's deffently a true statement,
I hope to be forever young, even if I don't
look it!
I am going to make a wish jar, and put all of my
hopes and dreams in it, and then display it prominately
in my room. I think it is a sweet idea.
this picture can be found on ampersandrea.tumblr.com

Henna is so beautiful, it is an art of its own! I've always
thought it would be fun to have henna done on my hands and
feet, just so I might admire its beauty. I think it is such a
wonderful tradition in the Indian culture, it
brings women together, doing something which
has been passed down from generation to generation.
Now that is beautiful!

Why is it that I always want to share with you all my faveorite inspirational pictures and quotes? I can't help it! I love surfing the web looking for news things to interest me. I think I might be addicted! Help! Enjoy the beautiful images anyways, even if I have gone batty with uploading pictures. So this post is dedicated to all which is beautiful in the world.

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  1. helllooo :)
    I'm just commenting to let you know that the picture with the jars is one I took, and I'm not sure how you would credit it, but if you could just leave a link to my picture as (ampersandrea.tumblr.com) I would be satisfied.