Thursday, September 24, 2009

On Your Mark....

Mark Fast Spring 2010
I will admit, I hadn't herd of Mark Fast until I saw an article on about his runway show. He created quite a commotion with putting three "plus size" models in his runway show. These models are sizes 10 and 12's, they are normal sizes for real women but their practically considered huge in the modeling industry. This upsets me since I'm not what you call skinny, I'm normal sized. I love my curves because their real and they give me substance. So to see Mark Fast put some "plus size" models into his show was quite wonderful. It gives me hope that someday all designers will use women who have body proportions which are more realistic of their buyers. Mark's collection was really interesting, he created "bondage" dresses, but put a spin on it. I think my favourite one is the photograph above of the "plus size" model.

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