Friday, September 18, 2009

Dreamweavers and Makers

I <3>
dress is so beautiful looking, and I think
her style is crazy unique. This reminds me, I
want to see her film 500 days of summer!
The colours in this photograph are just stunning. I like
the idea of putting images/things on a string, its almost like
an inspiration board. I might have to try this.

This is where I would love to be right now, lying by
the poolside instead of lying in bed trying to get over a
stomach bug!

Dream catchers are always beautiful, I always
have had at least one in my bedroom
ever since I was a little girl. That might have
to do something with the fact that my mom loves
the Native American culture and how in touch they are
with nature.

I don't know why I love this exactly but I do. It might have to do with the
old fashioned cameras in each of the pictures, they look so neat.
So this is another list of things which I love right now. I am so board being home sick from school, that I found my self perusing, yet again for inspiration.


  1. i like this old cameras!i also love polaroid cameras but they dont sell them anywhere...

  2. i love zooey and love dreamcatchers and i love cameras which in turn means i love your blog
    check out mine if you have the chance

  3. Hi Jem!
    I'm sorry but often I forget to answer you, thank you very much for all your comments!
    Anyway, my sisters Giovanna designed and made this black lace dress.. we're so happy that you like our clothing.

    PS: thank you also for the beautiful comment that you wrote about the mini corduroy suit.. and for the baby too: he's my lovely nephew!