Monday, November 23, 2009

Another and Numero

Numero Magazine. I really love the dress which is on
the left, with the gold trimming. It looks like such a
pretty gown, definitely something I would wear
for prom (I want a unique dress, not what you
would think as a typical prom dress). Actually, I
would be happy to wear any of these dresses to prom!
Numero Magazine. The combination
of a bowler hat with black hearts on cheeks is

Another Magazine. I couldn't find a better image of this
issue of Another mag, so excuse the fact that its cut off
at the bottom. What really matter's is how awesome Tilda
Swinton and the dress she is wearing are! I've never been
a huge fan of how Tilda dresses, but I've been coming around
to her style after seeing the images from Another mag. Plus, I
love her as the White Witch in the Narnia films!

Another Magazine. I wish I could have
gotten a better, more close up image of the picture,
but alas, no. Anyways, I digress, the dress which the
model is wearing is freaking gorgeous, no?

Today's post is a collection of images found from two more "offbeat" or "hard to find" copies of these magazines. I hope you enjoy all the images!

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  1. some of the most unknown magazines produce the best editorials!! thanks so much for sharing!