Sunday, November 8, 2009

Bows and Perfume

A nice collection of vintage looking perfume bottles,
they look so classic looking ontop of a hand mirror
and next to pearls.

The perfume which I still am lusting after, all these
years later. I swear next time I am in London, I'm
am going to buy myself a bottle. Even if it cost
a pretty penny.

This photograph includes a few of my favourite things; bows,
Lula mag, cute shoes, and lace looking socks!

If I were a composer or could play an instrument I would
wrap all my music sheets in pretty blue ribbon. But alas,
I cannot even play a note on the recorder!

I am such a bows and perfume type of girl. I love ribbons tied up into sweet little bows, they remind me of the poofy dresses I used to where when I was younger. As for Perfume, that was the first beauty product I started wearing, years before I started wearing makeup. Without a hint of perfume in the air I feel lost. When I was younger I thought that all sophisticated women wore perfume, therefore I wanted to be a sophisticated women! I bought my first bottle of perfume, called Ghost, in Harrods. Now if you have ever set foot in the Harrods beauty department you will understand what I mean, It was magical! I had never seen such a store which was so elegant. Then a few years later I went into Harrods again, this time with my Auntie. I bought Marc Jacobs Violet. It was such a huge bottle of perfume that I still have a ton left. That same visit to London we went into Penhaligon's, a British institution. Penhaligon's is a perfumery, which has been around for over hundred and thirty years. We spent a good amount of time in the shop, smelling all the wonderful scents. I still remember getting a little sample sprayed on paper, it was called Elizabethan Rose. I'm still lusting after that scent, three years on. It smelled heavenly, just what I thought a proper English Rose would would wear. I've always been a firm believer that the power of a scent can change a persons mood. So I wear my scent according to the mood I am in that day, it's constantly changing.



  1. amazing shoes. such a poetic post, too.

  2. Lovely.

    I nominate you for something. Go check it out on my blog!