Friday, November 20, 2009

Warning: *Lots of FanGirl Gushing*

Today my sister, and two of our friends caught the four o'clock showing of New Moon. I am not a huge fan of the books or the movies they have spawned yet, I was pleasantly surprised by the film. True, Robert Pattinson's acting was still pretty monotone and blah, but since he wasn't in much of the film, their wasn't much to worry about. Really, the only reason why I was excited to see the film was because of Taylor Lautner. While watching the film all I could keep on thinking about was how musclear he is! And also how uncomfortable movie theater seats are. So yah, I think I am officially a Taylor Lautner fangirl. Not a fangirl of the movie, or the books, but of the actor. okay, got it? I find the books to depict a girl who is too dependent on guys to make her happy, she's not a very good feminist and role model for young girls. But that topic is for another time, another post!

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