Sunday, November 1, 2009

Street Style

I think I am obsessed. Obsessed with the fabulous street style of the people who live in Denmark, Sweden, or any of the other Nordic countries. This may sound a bit odd but one of my favourite blogs is CopenhagenStreetStyle! Another site I frequent is, they have lots of photographs of people from these cities. I love, love, love the clothes which everyone seems to wear in Copenhagen, Denmark and Stockholm, Sweden. I love how a lot of people wear the colours grey, black, creams, and brown so well mixing in other colours as well. But the colour combo's aren't overwhelming, like they tend to be around where I live. Maybe its because they have a European sensibility which isn't possessed often here in America but somehow they pull off such "plain" looks so well. These looks really aren't "plain", they have a lot of thoughtful details and such. Plus everything they wear looks so cozy and comfortable yet possesses style! My plan for this winter is to try to emulate these "styles", its going to be my new "look" I think!

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