Sunday, November 29, 2009

Dorm Room

I adore the pristine white colour of the room,
the furniture, and bedding with pops of colour.

A unique twist on the canopy bed, putting up lights
instead of cloth. It makes the room look like a
starry night!

This might be the coolest bed I have ever seen,
its not only circular but hanging as well!

I love the idea of putting a bed right into a
"nook and cranny," it looks so comforting.
Plus the rustic feel makes it even more

This looks like it could be easy enough to recreate in
a dorm room, just get a canopy and some adhesive
bird stickers and Voila! Instantly makes the room look
ten times more awesome!

If you can't tell by now, I am slightly obsessed with
canopy beds, I think they are so romantic and remind
me of my girlhood fantasies! I love how the walls slope
at an angel, and everything looks so simplistic yet stylish.

I am in love with this iron bed, It looks straight out
of a fairytale.

Recently I have taken an interest in home decor, studying up on bedrooms. It might be a tad to early to start thinking about such things, but I have started thinking of ways to make my dorm room in college more home-like. I don't start school until September 2010, yet, I can't help think of what my dream room would consist of. Obviously some of the rooms which I would love to have, wouldn't work in a dorm room setting but a girl can still dream, right? Maybe I can incorporate some of these room styles to my home when I'm a workn' women, since some of these ideas definitely wouldn't work in a college setting! Anywho... my break from school consist of Thanksgiving at my aunties house, eating lots of stuffing and mash potatoes, playing with Sadie (my cousin's puppy), laying around the house watching Elf, hanging out with my friend Ash, and working on college apps! I hope everyone else had a wonderful Turkey day (or tofurky day, seeing as I don't eat turkey and I'm sure lots of people don't as well).

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