Saturday, November 14, 2009

Blindly Choose Your Destiny

Have you ever seen this photograph of the earth at night?
Isn't it amazing? It gives me chills just looking at it, thinking
about how many people are in the world. Though,
I never realized how much electricity the U.S. uses,
we could turn off a lot of appliances when we are not
using them, especially at nighttime.
This picture is similar to what my sister
and I used to do. Such a pretty photograph

My sister and I would play a game when we were little. It involved the globe my grandma bought for us. We would spin the globe around and let our finger drag along on it, until it stopped spinning. Whatever country our finger landed on was where we said we would either live in or travel to someday. It might seem like a silly game, but for my sister and I, it was a way for us to pass the time by, dreaming up our grown up lives as world travelers. Sometimes I still run my finger over the globe dreaming about the places and people I might someday meet.

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