Friday, June 18, 2010

Escape From Reality

As a travel enthusiast I have a list of adventures which I would love to undertake, no matter how crazy they might be. One such fantasy involves going on a spontaneous trip. The catch is that I wouldn't know where I was going until the day of departure. I would head off to the airport with no destination in mind and just one bag packed with essential items (such as clothing, toiletries, camera, wallet, and my journal). Once I arrived at the airport I would go to the nearest airline desk and ask for a ticket for the next flight, wherever the destination might be. This may sound like a pretty crazy idea however imagine going somewhere and having no idea what is in store for you? I think this would lead you to becoming more open to new experiences. I think that people often over plan every little detail of their vacation, from what they are going to see to where they are going to eat. They over prepare so much that they don't allow themselves the opportunity to get lost in the moment and really enjoy the experience. This little idea would get rid of all these preconceived notions that one must be totally prepared for the trip and instead show that it is possible to enjoy yourself, even when you don't really know what will happen. Now, I am sure you are thinking "but Jem... what would you do once you get to the location in terms of hotels?" I even have a solution to this problem, ask the airline staff where they recommend staying. Often times they know the best places to sleep, eat, and have fun at the particular destination. This idea is on my to-do list although I don't know exactly when it will be completed. Do you have any weird travel dreams?


  1. I actually don't have much of a travel bug, which makes me strange, I guess. I agree with you that people often overprepare and end up missing out on things, though-- and that applies to more than just travel, too.

  2. I have so many ideas... My latest trip to the U.S. gave me even stronger of a desire to go, often and far...