Tuesday, June 22, 2010

In The Air

I am gearing up for a trip I am taking in six days to Disney World! Whoot Whoot! Whenever I travel one way I start feeling the reality of the impending trip is the day I buy magazines to read on the plane. For this upcoming trip that day was today. My sister and I went to the book store, Boarders to be exact, and spent a good half an hour debating which magazines I should buy. I always find it difficult to figure out which magazines I want to purchase, if I could I would buy them all! Luckily, my sister was able to sensibly talk me into only buying two magazines, not the five I would have liked too! I debated for awhile on buying Bon International, Sweden's leading fashion magazine, but in the end my sister told me it was "totally worth it because the size of the magazine looks as if it will last the whole plane ride." So yes, I listened to my sisters advice and bought the magazine. Along with purchasing Bon I also bought Elle magazine, the one with Kirsten Stewart on the cover. Last month when I found out she was on the cover I swore to myself I wouldn't purchase the issue because of this. Well... it looks like I caved. Only because I tend to like the articles in Elle magazine and I really didn't want to buy Harper's Bazaar or Marie Claire (also having already bought Vogue earlier this month). Also, does anyone else think it is odd that Kristen Stewart is on the cover of the body issue? She is pin thin and doesn't seem to represent the average American women... but enough of my hating on this Twilight actress (ugghhh... don't even get me started on Twilight, I can't stand the books or movies). Besides my exuberant feelings about this trip to Disney, I can't wait until my flight, just so I can spend some quality time in the world of magazines.


  1. i don't really read magazines, but the model on, "bon" is so intriguing!
    have fun in disney world! i've been there once before & it was really amazing!

  2. kristin stewart is definitely looking differnt on the elle cover.i cant say that i like it though .. elle usually has a great covers .what a shame.

    have you ever read interview magazine? its my fave right now .. if you love elle you will love interview

  3. Have fun at Disney! I share your feelings on Kristin Stewart (and Twilight, don't get me started) by the way. I don't find her that pretty, which is fine and I'm sure some people do, but she just always seems so BORED or ANNOYED or SOUR or something. You're young and rich and famous. Act happy.