Tuesday, June 8, 2010


I love the idea of wearing a bracelet with the  
evil eye on it, not only does it look cool but I've always
thought it is important to wear something to protect yourself
from harm (it doesn't have to be a bracelet like this, just
something which when you wear it make you feel safe. For example
I always wear my Hamsa necklace... I don't feel complete without it.).


I can't remember where I first saw this image (I think it
was on the cover of Vogue UK but I am not sure...) but
I love that it gives off a hippie, care free vibe.

The Art Deco movement led to the creation of beautiful works of art. I love
 the drawings of women during this time, they always seem to be dressed
to the nines! Its a shame people don't dress this way anymore, people back then
really had class that's for sure!

Vogue Italia Beauty
Such a beautiful image... nothing like relaxing on the beach to put
you in a good mood! Wearing an awesome floppy sunhat and chic
bathing suit is an added bonus.

These are just a few images which are currently at the top of my inspiration file.


  1. Love that Vogue Italia shot!

  2. i totally get what you're saying about certain pieces of jewelry as a talisman. whenever i get a piece as a gift from a loved one, i feel like they're with me when i wear it

  3. Love art deco! And I agree. Everytime I see pictures from those times, or even in the 50's it seems as though everyone made a bigger effort even if they weren't dressing in thousands of dollars worth of clothes. Now everything is just so...well there's definitely a lot of tacky going around! Lots of bad t-shirts and crocs ;\