Thursday, June 17, 2010


OOOhhhh... its covet time here at The World Inside A Picture Frame. This round it's Frankie Magazine, a Australian publication which looks like it is the sweetest little thing. The photographs are darling (oh dear I am using words such as "darling" to describe a magazine, what I mean to say is they are sweet and cute) and everything looks very whimsical. However (and their always is a however, right?) Frankie Magazine has proven to be exceptionally difficult to find here in the states. So if anyone has idea of how to find copies, I would love to know the inside scoop. Enjoy these photographs, I feel each one is more beautiful then the next!

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  1. I like this magazine, it's not too hard to find in New Zealand. It does have a very darling/'whimsical' feel to it. They do a GREAT job.