Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Turn It Up

Blah... I am up again at two in the morning. I haven't gone to bed before two for the last three of four nights my body clock is all out of whack. So instead I rummage around the world wide web and through these travels I have discovered some of the oddest things. For instance I found this t.v. show called Britannia High, which is basically a blunt rip off of High School Musical and not a very good one at that. Then after that I stumbled upon the music of Pixie Lott. I had heard Lott's name for several months now just in passing conversation. Once I had a good listen at Pixie Lott's music it made me regret not having looked her work up sooner. I could have been listen to good music rather then the garbage which they normally play on the radio (*ahem* like Ke$ha with her stupid money symbol for the letter S). So I really don't have a point to this blog post other then to say... go have a listen to Pixie Lott's music, trust me you won't regret it (well other then the fact that her music is not yet available on Itunes thus you have to resort to replaying YouTube video's over and over). Listen to Mama Do or Cry Me Out both songs are catchy and beautiful. Also I think she looks a bit like Clemence Poesy on her cover album, don't you agree (or maybe its just me because I am so dang tired)?


  1. I've just realised that I promised you about a million years ago I'd scan that article on feminism from UK Company!! I found the article a few days ago and ripped it out so I promise I will scan it for you in the next few days!!
    I'm writing an article now for my blog on feminism that you might be interested in :]]]

    Charlotte xxx

  2. I'll go check her out-- thanks for the suggestion!