Friday, June 18, 2010

Pen Friends

In eighth grade my friend Allie and I became pen pals. We continued to write letters to each other for the longest time. We would write letters where we poured out our heart and souls to one another. Allie soon became my closet confidant and I became hers. Through our letters we were able to discover another side of our personalities which we normally wouldn't have shared. Every week I looked forward to receiving a letter from my pen friend, it always seemed like the letters wouldn't get to my house fast enough! The funniest thing out of our whole pen pal friendship was that we lived five minutes away from each other! However, since we were in different grades in school we never saw each other. While writing to Allie I was also communicating with Charlotte, my pen pal from Malawi. You are probably thinking how does one end up writing to someone who lives in Malawi? Well... Charlotte is the god daughter of my mom's best friend and at the time we were both looking for someone to write too. Sadly, I lost contact with Charlotte since Malawi is country filled with so many problems that it was near impossible for her to write to me. Both Allie and Charlotte taught me that their is beauty in writing a letter rather then just jotting a quick email. Letter writing is a dying art, yet it is my hope that it can be revived. Through writing letters it is possible to communicate with people from around the globe and share with one another a little bit of your world. So it is my new goal to find someone who enjoys letter writing as much as I do and thus become pen friends with them (besides I have some fantastic Liberty of London stationary I really want to use!). What do you think about having a pen pal? Would you/ or have you ever have one?


  1. I find that blogging is a lot like "penpalling". We pour our hearts and well-thought ideas out in the open and hope that they'll be liked and appreciated.

    I liked and still would like being pen pals with anyone interested...

  2. Lovely post... I used to have a few pen pals. I found it fun and first but the novelty quickly wore off. I never knew what to write. I suppose that's a bit sad really.

  3. i really love having penpals! it's so nice to get something in the mail that isn't bills or ads & it's really nice to have something tangible in the connections you make with people who live so far away.
    i'm going to be moving in september so i'm hoping that some of my friends here will be interested in sending mail the old fashioned way. i also really like the idea of mailing a journal back & forth