Friday, June 4, 2010

The Language of Street Style

I don't typically post street style photographs. However, I couldn't resist sharing these pictures. All of the images were taken from the street style blogs and  both based in Israel (Its kinda weird how I've done two posts in a row about whats happening in Israel... happy coincidence I guess). I really love how each of the women in the photographs all have their own individual sense of style. Plus I am coveting the bag in the bottom picture, its gorgeous, no? I think one of my goals this summer is to study Hebrew more, not just so I can read it but so I can speak it fluently. I understand a bit of the language however not enough to have a proper conversation. The only problem with this plan is I don't really have anyone to practice with... so I've been thinking about resorting to using one of those electronic language teachers (like rosetta stone). However, I've never used one before, what do you think of them? Any suggestions?


  1. love these! they look so comfortable too which is even better!

    there was this site called live mocha that i really liked. your writing & speaking is graded by native speakers of the language. it's more of a community & really fun! i started, but never finished because i didn't have time

  2. Love the second one, it's like something I'd wear! Simple and clean. And about practicing your speaking, I don't actually know of any official resource. I usually just find songs and learn the lyrics, and sing all the time haha.